Destech HRC Controller is an embedded system that contains a microcontroller and can manage complex functions with special software inside. The control card processes the data such as relative humidity, temperature, air quality it receives from the sensors and decides how much the environment should be ventilated. In line with this decision, the motor sends the signals it produces to the driver and ensures that the fans work at certain speed and time intervals. It plays an important role in the energy saving and energy management of the heat recovery device.

By communicating with user interfaces; In accordance with the defined scenarios, the motor sends signals to the driver at certain times and at certain frequencies. If connected with the Destech M2M Ethernet Module, sensor information is collected by the control card. This information can be viewed via a server via computers or mobile devices with internet access. In addition, as in the user interfaces, the operating scenarios of the heat recovery device can be managed, and the performance and service of the device can be monitored.

With the IGK control card developed by our company, all the functions and needs expected from a Heat Recovery Device can be met. Different working scenarios have been created for customer demands and control of different equipment to be used in the devices. Alternative control card options are available for easy adaptation of the control card to the system used. In addition, a wide range of user-friendly control panels have been designed to meet the preferences and demands of the end user.

Destek Otomasyon is expanding its product range in order to be an innovative and solution partner in the Heating – Cooling – Ventilation sector. IGK, which is included in this product range and has its own design, offers the control card to the use of all manufacturers.

The Functions of Destech HRC Controller

With Fan Speed control, Boost Function, Filter Function, By-Pass Function, Electric Heater Control Function, Water Type Battery Control Function, Frost Protection Function, Preheater Function, Room Temperature Function, BMS Function, Modbus Function, Time Function, Log Function, Fire Function, Child Lock Function, Wireless Communication and IoT Function, IGK Control Card has a convenient system for different working functions. 

Most common spaces surrounding people’s lives are made up of enclosed spaces, and people have to be in enclosed spaces in their individual lives. This situation makes Heat Recovery Systems more important. Destek Otomasyon provides Heat Recovery Control Card (IGK Control Card) to its customers with different operating scenarios and features. 


IGK Kontrol KArtı

                                                                Key Features




Fan Speed Control

Allows control of the speeds of the device fans.
Manual: 3 steps speed control of EC and AC fans
Single fan mode
Speed control of 2 fans separately


With humidity, CO2 and different sensors
Constant flow / constant pressure function

Boost Function

The fan speed of the device is temporarily set to the fastest position in case of need.
Manual: Via Panel
Automatic: On the control board

Filter Function

Warns the user when the device’s filters become dirty.
Alternative-1: Time-bound
Alternative-2: Mechanical

By-Pass Function

By-Pass provides damper control.

Rotor Function

In ventilation devices with rotor-type heat recovery exchanger, it controls the rotor’s motor on/off.
Electric Heater Control Function
Performs stage control of the electric end heater.

Aqueous type Battery Control Function

Controls the aqueous type cooler or heater/coolant battery.
Frost Protection Function
It is the freeze protection of the Heat Recovery heat exchanger.
Alternative-1: By-Pass damper
Alterntaif-2: Fan speed control
Alternative-3: Electric preheater step control
Preheater Function
Performs stage control of the electric preheater used as a precaution against freezing.
Room Temperature Function
It allows the selection of the return air temperature or control panel temperature as the room temperature.

BMS Function

It allows simple control of the device from a central unit and monitoring of the situation.
BMS: Starting/stopping the device independently of the controller.
Run out: Get “Device is running” information 
Fault out: Get “Device fault” information.

Modbus Function

It controls all the functions of the device from the central automation panel or via the computer.

Time Function

It allows the device to be changed to the working position or to turn on and off at certain times on a weekly basis.

Log Function

Records all working locations of the device.

Fire Function

Changes the operating conditions of the device in the event of a fire.
Child Lock Function
Turns off the use of keys in the control panel (key lock)
Alternative-1: Manual
Alterntaif-2: Time-dependent
Wireless Communication
Allows the connection of the wireless (RF) user panel and wireless room sensors to the device.

IoT Function

It allows the characteristics of the device to be tracked over the internet.

Service Interface

The device allows adjustment of all operating parameters and functions.