With the development of production and logistics technologies, it is a product that can efficiently meet the expectations of areas such as cold chain tracking to obtain fast, effective and wide data and to store and monitor these data.
In addition to offering the user the opportunity to monitor the humidity and temperature values of the environment in real time through the specially developed interface, it has a 6-month storage feature with 2-minute periods. Intelligent Humidity Temperature Sensor RF Set, which also offers cloud storage data analysis and graphical access feature to the user, is a product that stands out on the basis of price performance for humidity temperature monitoring.
It supports the use of up to 16 wireless ambient monitoring probes with 1 main module.
Greenhouse cold storages effectively meet the need for tracking and monitoring for industry, medical and production facilities, especially for cooling cabinets, medicine cabinets and laboratories.

Sensitive Temperature Sensor Mini

The sensitive temperature sensor mini version has a repeatability sensitivity of ±0.1°C between -20°C and +50°C, and ±0.2°C between -40°C and +100°C. While it offers a functional use in temperature measurement and monitoring, it also offers a user-friendly feature with its digital display feature.
It has the feature of data transfer with wireless communication. In this way, it is possible to store and display the data even if it is not in the environment where it is assembled. With the built-in battery unit that can be activated in case of power failure, the negative effects of interruptions on the work and measurement continuity are prevented. 
The web interface, whose design and development belongs to Destek Otomasyon, is considered as user-friendly products in terms of monitoring and use of humidity and temperature sensors. 
As a result of the planning of storage and monitoring activities, the frequency of data entered according to the preferred method keeps the tracking of the data as desired while maintaining the measurement. 
Intelligent Humidity Temperature Sensor RF, which is the own design and production of Destek Otomasyon in all specific areas where humidity and temperature monitoring systems are needed, is an ideal product for industrial cooling and temperature distribution examinations with its optimable structure according to its intended use.