Intelligent Humidity Temperature Sensor is the humidity sensor of Destek Otomasyon’s own design and production, which is produced to offer different and innovative solutions in the fields of laboratory pharmacy cold chain monitoring. It receives humidity and temperature measurements from two different points in the installed units.
One of the biggest advantages of the device, whose main purpose is to make temperature and humidity measurements at the values determined in effective locations, is the price / performance criterion. However, it complies with the principle of user-friendliness with its advanced tracking system and simple interface for the end user.
The Smart Humidity Sensor, whose measurement accuracy is certified in accredited certified laboratories, offers a distinct advantage to its customers in the storage and storage of measurement information. With the data tracking through the browser offered by Destek Otomasyon’s own software service, simultaneous and retrospective follow-ups can be done in a functional and easy way.
It is among the prominent products of Smart Humidity Temperature Sensor Support Automation, which fully completes the needs of different sectors such as Food, Transportation, Cold Weather Systems, Pharmacy and Botany for humidity and temperature monitoring.
The Smart Humidity Temperature Sensor M2M has the ability to take measurements from two different points. With this feature, measurements of two different places or units on a single screen can be made independently and without being affected by each other.
The temperature sensor measures with an accuracy of +/- 0.2°C and the humidity sensor with an accuracy of 2%. These ratios are one of the features that stand out among the sensors that are found appropriate in terms of technological standards.
Data tracking via the hardware interface provides an easy and sustainable use for the user. In this way, all details about measurement, data, storage, tracking and the current process can be easily accessed. The audible warning system is available as an effective warning system in case of any disruption.
With the presence of the built-in battery unit, it is not affected by any power interruption. The battery unit, which is activated in case of failure or interruption, ensures that the measurements are carried out completely, accurately and uninterruptedly.