1. Destech HRC Digital Panel

The graphic display is a specially developed control panel that increases the functionality of the Heat Recovery Device and enables the user to make the desired settings. The device can be turned on and off, the timer function supporting 4 different operating modes for each day of the week, fan control and speed settings, filter pollution time can be controlled.

The activation of the optionally available air quality sensor mode can be done with the graphic display. In this mode, which offers ventilation options as needed, it is possible to display which sensors are active on the screen.

The graphic LCD user panel is a specially designed embedded card with a 2.6″ graphic LCD screen, 4 push buttons, an internal temperature sensor and the MODBUS communication protocol.


Key Features:

Screen 2.6″, LCD
Touch No
Button 4 custom
Communication Protocol
Dimension  105.57×82.35×24.03 mm
Built-in Sensor
10K Temperature Sensor
5 meters

Box Contents: Destech HRC Digital Panel, Connection Cable and assembly materials.


2. Destech HRC Basic Panel:

Basic Panel is a lean panel that can be controlled by means of the buttons on the device and can inform the user with the LED lights on it.

The commissioning of the optionally available air quality sensor mode can be done with a lean panel.

With the Lean User Panel, the device can be controlled by 3 buttons on / off, fan speed level and user settings. There are 3 blue LEDs and 1 red warning LED on the panel that indicate the fan speed.

With the warning LED on the panel, it can provide information to the user in case of fire scenario and malfunction.


Teknik Özellikler:

Screen No
Touch No
LED 4 custom
Button 3 custom
Communication Protocol ModBUS
Dimension  90.70×65.00×14.40 mm
Built-In Sensor No
Built-In Battery No
Connection Cable 5 meters

Box Contents: Destech HRC Basic Panel, connection cable and assembly materials.


3. Destch HRC Touch Panel 

Destch HRC Touch Panel is a 3.5 inch touch user interface. It includes IoT functions such as remote control with wifi connection and phone app.
With this design and simple interface, on/off, adjusting the system fan speed, resetting in case of failure and resetting the filter time can be performed.
For each option, the awareness of the user is provided with separate indicators.
It is developed by DestekOtomasyon for use in heat recovery systems.